Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Ceramic Standing

Sculptural Ceramics and Mosaic in Obelisk form

Ceramic Standing relates to the Pennines of Northern England, the history, people and geography

The Celtic Influence

can be seen in standing stones, stone circles and crosses in the region

There is history at every turn, in place names, buildings and architectural features

Fields bounded by Dry Stone Walls from the local stone

The area has strong ties to it's roots

The people have a strong sense of community, tradition and with families going back many generations

A deep relationship to the area

The geography is stunning with wild fells, open moorland and rock outcrops

Deep valleys with fast running water and waterfalls, lakes and tarns

The Pennines are the backbone of Northern England,  truly inspiring

The ceramics are stoneware fired to 1300 C

Glass with oxide colouring has been fused into many of the ceramic shapes and tiles

The beads are Mullite

Ceramics with attitude

Ceramic Standing

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Ceramic Singing

These ladies started as a quartet

One lady moved to a new home

These heads are in stoneware fired to 1300 C with oxide finish

The others decided to form a choir

Auditions are taking place in the hills of the north

For the Ceramic Singing 1300 C Ladies Choir

The audience, well that is something else

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Mother Nature and her Children

Mother Nature and her Children

For anybody wondering her children are the four elements

A panel in sculptural ceramic and mosaic

Mother Nature herself

The faces are in a stoneware body fired at 1300 C with oxide finish

This is Fire with a rather blistered appearance

Into some of the ceramics I have fused glass at 1300 C

The red mosaic represents fire reaching out, the round shapes with the glass water, the ceramic that the faces are made from earth and the background of small ceramic beads air

Part of the enjoyment in making was relationships between the forms


With a tile border the finished panel

Mother Nature and her Children The Four Elements

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Tropical Forest

At One

With Everything

And Everybody

In Every Way

Not Just Today

Or Tomorrow

But Forever